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Once Around The Sun

Boxing Day

Today is the day when we've boxed up the last 10 years of our life and all we are left with is a small rucksack each. That's our belongings for the year to come. It is scary and also a good reminder how little we really need. The amount of stuff essential for life is wildly disproportionate to all that stuff we herd around us in belief of giving us better life. Anyway, I'm sure we'll miss our clutter...

Boxes have been filled, Noah was a real friend and offered to move our stuff to Normans house. There he can start the hunt for Mariolas underwear on his return from Croatia. Yes, you've read that last part right. And I'm not just making it up. Norman made that remark himself and as much I would like to believe it was just a joke, we all know he's a 'Labužník' (Slovak for... look it up yourself, you'll get it). I suppose this is the price for him allowing us to clutter his loft. And so I don't leave Majka in this on her own, I'm sure when he's bored of her undies he will go for mine too... Ah well! :D

Feels like I'm sharing too much again so here are some shots from the 'fun' boxing and moving:

T minus 3 days... !!!


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