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Once Around The Sun

29038 km


Finally sitting on a ferry from Koh Rong to Sihanoukville after 13 days, Majka and me have decided that we have to break up the journey and spend a few more nights on Otres Beach. The slow boat was very bumpy, I can not remember myself being motion sick previously, so it helped the decision a lot. Somehow it was too difficult to wave good bye to these beautiful beaches. I can not tell much about Sihanoukville as we have not spent much time here, but Otres Beach, which is just a few kilometres out of town very much resembles the scene from the island we came from. Maybe just a bit quieter a bit less crowded, very similar but I still somehow prefer the island. Just a few more lazy days on the beach before we definitely hit the road and leave The Bay of Thailand behind. For now...



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