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Once Around The Sun

39249 km


Since we were the only ones signing up for the Mount Bromo tour through our agency, we have enjoyed a private mini van for ourselves. Can't be good for our carbon footprint, but it was definitely comfortable. We both could take up 6 seats each although no matter how hard I've tried I could only take 3 at a time. By the time we have arrived in Cemoro Lawang, that was our base for Bromo, it was already well past sunset. At this time of the evening the village didn't show many signs of life, so if there wasn't for the Oreo's in Majka's backpack, we would go to bed hungry.

Our alarms went off at 3.15am. It felt like torture and I was ready immediately... to give up. I however sensed that this experience may be worth more than the sleep. Slowly we got ready and soon we were sitting in the back of a jeep heading for the sunrise spot. We have arrived before the first Ray's of sun could brighten the night sky. The darkness only revealed a hint of a white cloud or smoke rising that was only illuminated by the starlight and the Milky Way itself. In few minutes the red light of the rising sun revealed the landscape and hid the stars. In those short few minutes a very different 2 landscapes unfold in front of us. Of course as soon as shapes could be made out there were self proclaimed guides promising us to show the sweet spot for best photos. It was the best decision that day, we took the guide, who showed us a secret path to a really beautiful spot with perfect views of the volcanoes and surrounding landscape. We didn't have much time, however. We were ordered to be back by the jeep at 6am for the chance to be driven through sea of sand to Mount Bromo itself. Seeing Bromo from the distance, spitting white clouds high up into the sky, we were not gonna miss that! Short ride away we have arrived at the foot of the active mountain. First I was shocked by the amount of tourists despite the low season, then I felt sorry for those visiting in high season. The rim of the volcano is an easy walk up, I think it only takes about 20 minutes or so. Once there it was surprisingly loud with a roar and hissing noises, while sulphuric steam was steadily rising and forming clouds. This experience was much higher in adrenalin then our first experience of a volcano in Bandung. It looked and felt like a real volcano. The knowledge of Bromo being an explosive volcano was a bit unnerving while standing on the soft rim of black ash.

The orders were to be back at the jeep by 8.30am. It was time to go back to our room, pack our staff and hit the road for Kawah Ijen. That means a whole day in the car, again...


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