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Once Around The Sun

63388 km


On our way out from Kiritimati we were actually two of six tourists leaving. But then we have stayed longer then most, so we might have thrown the island out of balance a little. Scary thing is that there was a 10 people crew on the ground sending us through the security and immigration. So the six of us had 6 pieces of luggage, but while we arrived at Honolulu my bag was missing. That's cool I thought. It's going to be alright... As I was looking around trying to figure out what do I do a Fiji Airways representative approached me with a big smile and addressing me with words 'Hello Mr. Rockar'. Now that sounded funny to me, I've never seen that guy before. Of course I knew he knows about my bag. And he did inform me that my backpack has been left in the scanner at Cassidy International Airport. That's Kiritimati. 3000 something miles away, with next scheduled flight in a week time. But I shouldn't worry they told me, I get a compensation of 100 bucks. I laughed through tears because I knew that there is going to be a lot that we miss out on Hawaii because of this.

For Honolulu I have not planned a long stay, few days only and the first we have wasted on getting me some clean underwear and toothbrush, calling the airline several times and getting into the city centre where we have airbeeandbeed a wonderful room. A Chinese opium den themed room in a very cool house with friendly landlords and good musical taste. After the first shock we were ready to explore the downtown, Waikiki Beach and even Hanauma Marine-life Reserve that supposed to be the best snorkelling place near Honolulu. Those couple of days here flew past really quick and I was regretting spending so much time I shops, but this is what it ended up to be. The downtown is cool, loads of restaurants, bars and civilisation that we've missed for the past couple of moths. Also the until now unknown 'Poke', variety of raw fish salads, became one of my all time favourite foods. Just so delicious and surprisingly cheap too, I couldn't get enough of it. Waiki feels a bit too close to the city and hotels. Often there is not much space between the ocean and the hotel lobby, so the crowd is not surprising. And of course it is one of Americas favourite five star resorts. But waves are good and right on your door step, although the hardcore surfers seek the north part of the island. There is all that buzz on the streets around the beach. Street food, businessmen in suits, couples in Hawaiian shirts, girls in bikinis crossing the road and surfboards everywhere. This place is very laid back. Almost Australia like, cool as a cucumber. ...and the smell of pot everywhere. Is that even legal? Nope, as it turns out, but Police is not bothered too much by this 'petty crime'.

Good times in Honolulu were over too fast but our Hawaiian adventure will continue on the Big Island. A one week road trip to explore the volcanoes and beaches as per advise of my friends, Adrika and Attila, who spent their honeymoon there. Bring it on Hawaii...


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