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Once Around The Sun

​ 78471 km


It's been a year since we have landed in New York. Last stop. I've been taking my time, this entry is almost 365 days overdue. By now I'm back to my comfortably numb life of 9 to 5, free weekends, salary every month, own bed, place to call home and all the wasteful convenience of western life.

I'm not even sure I can write about NYC after a year, so I'll let the photos talk instead. What I remember is that I had mixed feeling. Travel blues was kicking in, but on the other hand I was looking forward to sleep in a bed I can call my own. The constant packing and unpacking I will not miss, but the feeling of freedom that this journey has given me will be with me for long time. So will the memories, new friends, photos I took. ...and surprisingly Majka. Yes, we had some moments of despair, but we did finish the journey without killing each other or ourselves.

...and so here I am. A year after my journey around the sun has come to an end. Life being sucked out of me by things I have to do, rather the ones I want to. All I'm left with is a lifetime to remember the time of my life...


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