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Once Around The Sun

The Countdown, T minus 8 Days


Last weekend was somewhat fun. To be honest I am still recovering from all that good time with colleagues and friends.

Friday I have invited my workmates and some close friends living nearby. I've cooked some Hungarian goulash, we drunk some wine and some Romanian spirit from Alex. We have been playing Jenga and sitting in the garden until about 3am. Things went blurry, but when I woke up in the morning I felt good about it. 3 people even crashed on our sofas, so I am definitely counting this as great success! :)

Saturday we have set the playlist to repeat, but for change we have met up with friends in a local pub. Mariola and me have even received some very thoughtful and fun gifts from Katka and Noah (Bob & Bobek).

All were tired from previous night so we set the course home much earlier, at around 2am…

Sunday, I'll skip for now..

Monday I wasn't sure whether I'm alive, I definitely wished to be dead (not really, but YEAH!). Slow day at work. I mean slooooooow.....

Yesterday we had our last bank appointment. It was my turn to put my prettier half to my joint account. Success! She’s legally obliged to spend all m money! In the afternoon we have been stabbed (hopefully the last time) as we received the last course of Japanese Encephalitis and in the evening I had some time to meet Norman, the biggest and most seasoned prick of them all. Things are rounding up...

With this fun weekend and a difficult start of a new week we have said our goodbyes and we managed to do a ‘test packing’ on Sunday afternoon. Hangover was bad… We managed anyway. Here’s the second part of ‘The Long Lists, What, How, and How Much’:

Packing list:

I’ve been reading countless blogs about this particular issue. Yes, it is an issue. How does one plan for a whole year away? What are the essentials to be fit in a small backpack?! Myself I believe in travelling light. Other than a few spare socks and underwear there is not much I would need. Except of a camera and a laptop, of course. Things are not that easy however. My other half would take a whole lot more. She’s in the belief that a large backpack and a smaller day pack may not be sufficient. I suppose the compromise lies somewhere in the middle, but I will push more for a minimalistic list. As of now, I am convinced that I can pack into a 38 litre backpack and I hope the missus can manage too. Not ideal, but there are shops everywhere we go and I’m sure we can get stuff on the road if necessary. Let me recommend a brilliant blog I’ve stumbled upon while studying packing lists for round the world trip:

Yes, a lady! And why would I need more than her? Plus she really has the golden tips for you to consider.Last weekend we have done a test packing and surprisingly it has all fit into our packs as planned and as follows:

My packing list:

1x 38L backpack

1x stowaway daypack

1x rain jacket

1x micro fleece jacket

1x stowaway goose down jacket

3x short sleeve t-shirt

1x long sleeve t-shirt

1x easy care chinos

1x heavy duty trek trousers

1x zip-off trousers

1x shorts

1x jeans shorts

1x swim shorts

1x long johns

1x base layer t-shirt

1x bucket hat

1x travel belt

5x underwear

3x ankle socks

2x socks

1x warm merino socks

1x buff

1x thin insulating gloves

1x water proof half shoes

1x flip flops

1x around the neck safe wallet for money and documents

1x pocket wallet

1x hygienic pack (soap, tooth brush, tooth paste, moisturiser)

1x travel towel

1x first aid kit

1x pocket notepad with pen

1x iPhone with charger cable

1x laptop

1x soft neoprene laptop sleeve

2x backup hard drives

1x DSLR with wide zoom and 50mm prime lens

1x camera charger and spare battery

1x travel plug adapter with 2 USB chargers

1x laptop charger

1x camera charger

1x gaffer tape

1x cordless trimmer with charger

3packs of doxycycline (5 months worth anti malaria pills)

2packs of antibiotics

1pack of Imodium

1packs of multivitamins

1pack of baking soda

1 A4 waterproof sleeve for travel documents

1 A5 waterproof sleeve for travel money and ID’s

2x travel locks

Mariolas packing list:

1x 40L backpack

1x stowaway daypack

1x stowaway messenger bag

1x water proof half shoes

1x sandals

1x flip flops

1x hat

1x gloves

1x buff

1x stowaway goose down jacket

1x rain jacket

2x micro fleece jacket

3x long sleeve t-shirt

2x long trousers

2x leggings

2x thin summer trousers

3x dress

9x short sleeve t-shirt

2x thin scarf

3x bra

6x underwear

6x socks

2x bikini

1x travel towel

1x sleeping bag liner

1x travel pillow

1x kindle reader with usb cable

1x iPad mini

1x iPhone with USB cable

1x very large hygienic and cosmetic pack

1x A5 waterproof sleeve for travel money and ID’s

3packs of doxycycline (5 months worth anti malaria pills)

1packs of multivitamins

1x pocket wallet

1x waist travel wallet

Long lists, right? Surprisingly we have both fit our junk in. Tight, tight fit! But we have fit all and the truth is some of these clothes we will be wearing. This is how we made sure that there is a little spare room in the rucksack. On the top of that we both may slim our lists even more...

If you think we are forgetting something let us know before 19.August, otherwise remain silent about it, forever!


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