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Once Around The Sun

​ 73591 km


But mostly Vegas! I've never been drawn by neon light or gambling, this just happened. Fell right into our way. Not far out of it, anyway. Majka was looking forward to a couple of nights in a hotel room, bathroom and all that comfort you only realise once is removed from your life. For me it felt like we have spent more nights in a bed than in our pickup truck. It's not so surprising that hotels in Vegas are dirt cheap, so it wasn't a too big hit to my shrinking budget. Downtown Vegas has nothing else but hotels and casinos so it is super easy to strike a deal.

The first journey took us to Hoover Dam. A great piece of engineering, economical ingenuity in the time of depression and an example how badly men can scar any given landscape. But still a great piece... After this morning at the dam it was all about neon lights, slot machines, drinks, casinos, shops, plastic palm trees, landscape and art replicas, meal offers, more slot machines, LED displays, super sized advertisements, roulette, blackjack, fruit slots, bucket drink deals, half naked girls, more blinding neons, homeless bums, drug addicts, street musicians, celebrity impersonators, Donald Ducks, Ghostbusters and topless ladies, walk in and walk through casinos, Bally's, Circus, more buckets, cheap hotels, surprisingly dirty streets, smell of urine, diners, expensive cars, polished shops, wasteful fountains, massive signs, kitschy souvenirs, Caesars Palace, Cosmopolitan, The Mirage, Flamingo, Paris, more kitsch, endless streets of casinos, bars, bad girls, angels, naked girls, street musicians, bums, starving artists, supercars, limousines, more pointless neon lights, Elvis, fat Elvis, old Elvis, knockoff Eiffel Tower and Statute of Liberty, fake tans, wedding rooms, party people, after party sick puddles, incredible amount of beggars, down on their luck gamblers, and an infinite number of vivid neon lights.

Then we had a few beers to celebrate my birthday and got the hell out of there...


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