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Once Around The Sun

72423 km


Time went so quick with those beautiful people in New Mexico. It was time however to hit the road and head for Colorado. Out from Bisti Badlands Mark took a left and our Jupiter turned right. I've watched the ex-FBI surveillance van disappear in my rear view mirror and then it was time to focus on what's ahead.

By dusk I wanted to secure a spot at Mesa Verde National Park and if time permits maybe have a walk or a drive around so we can get familiar with the sights. I think at the end we have spent two nights here, just too many things to see. Puebloan cliff dwellings were definitely a favourite, partly because of the adventurous access. To some of these villages hanging off a cliff face the only means of access is through ladders, chains or ropes. Just amazing and on the third morning a deer came right up to our car to say goodbye. Next stop Durango and then follow the 'Million Dollar Highway' which is supposedly America's most beautiful drive. Jupiter however fell hill. High temperature and then sudden chills. At the time I had no idea what that means but it turned out the radiator was busted. Thankfully, Durango has some real fair mechanics and despite them having their books full for the following couple of weeks, they have for some reason prioritised Jupiter with 2 stupid tourists on its back. Can't be thankful enough! This unexpected pit stop still left us with two unplanned nights in a motel and real bed. I must say that Jupiter could not pick a better place to blow his radiator. As soon I've sorted out the repairs and left the car in the service I've remembered that Colorado is one of the first states that legalised Marijuana. Needless to say that I have paid a visit to a few 'Smoke Shops'. Don't judge me! I'm not looking for this kinda thrill too hard, but I won't say no if it comes my way... The narrow gauge steam train that passes through the town is a nice touch too. Surreal. Also the locals are fun. One day we have met this guy, whom I only remember by the name we gave him, 'Lego bomber'. He sculpts Lego out in public places, sort of like that thing when they crochet a tree, bicycle or a car but with Lego blocks. Insanely cool and it earned him some articles in a local magazine too. Those couple days without Jupiter passed quick, but finally he was ready for the road once again. And what other way to test the new radiator than a long winding mountain road up to Ouray, the Switzerland of Colorado. We did break up the road though and spent a long afternoon in a wild campsite with regular bear sightings, no shower and a very basic toilet. I would love to tell you the name of this place, cause it was really memorable and a good place for day hikes, but that stuff from smoke shops is really honest and I got the feeling that I've lost some memories rather than gained new, part of the game in Colorado.

Silvertown and then Ouray was about as far as we wanted to get on this road trip, so it was time to turn around and let Jupiter glide down the gained altitude... More winding roads and next stop set for Bluff in Utah.


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