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Once Around The Sun

4396 km


After 36 hours on the train we have arrived in Yekaterinburg which has been greeting us with summery 10°C… apparently normal at the end of the summer and as I have been informed we should feel lucky. A few years back there has been snowing in August. Lucky or not, we have been determined to find our next home for the coming few nights as soon as possible. Dmitry, our host, was expecting us at 12. From the train station uphill towards the city centre we have first walked past ’The Church on the Blood’ and then past ‘The Church of Ascension’ and have arrived at the apartment at 11:59. After Dmitry showed us around the flat we’ve ditched our backpacks and we’ve hit the streets. It was cold, but luckily we have been prepared for autumn in Mongolia. Not in my dreams I would have thought that we will need this gear in August.

Yekaterinburg has about a days worth of ‘attractions’ to offer to a seasoned tourist, unless you spread your wings and explore the rural areas. After we explored the city centre we had not much left to do as surroundings were not making themselves too attractive. Thanks God for good people of Yekaterinburg! We have met some interesting characters and hopefully even made some friends. Right first evening we have chat and shared few beers with Vladim and Yudzin from Izhevsk. The next day we had a very pleasant and informative talk with our waiter Alisher from Uzbekistan and last night we spent talking to a lovely couple, Denis and Mira from St.Petersburg. All in all we are very happy how Yekaterinburg turned out to be and we have made some new friends here...


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