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Once Around The Sun

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Bus station in Vientiane is quite a way out of the city centre, so the best bet is to grab a tuk-tuk. At the time of our visit we have paid 30000 Kips per head for this journey and it took almost half an hour. Upon checking in to our guesthouse which name I can't remember but you should stay away from anyway, Majka suggested a walk to the river side. Here we have seen, or we would have seen Mekong for the 3rd time, if the darkness of night wouldn't have fallen. The riverside promenade is also a home to a daily night market, with all the usual things we have seen in Luang Prabang, just not as nice. Same, same, but different, as one of the popular t-shits states. We didn't have many plans for the capital, but we couldn't have left it out our itinerary. As I've read some reviews about Vientiane, one stated: 'Is not a place for doing, is a do nothing place.' The 'must see list' included The Great Sacred Stupa (Pha That Luang) which was closed in prior of preparations for Lao Independence Day, a few of the smaller temples and monasteries, some shopping for worn off essentials and a cancelled visit to The National Museum, as it was just too hot to spend the day indoors. A little unimpressed with the city we have decided to make this an another short stop and move on the next day...


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