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Once Around The Sun

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BANGKOK (take I)

Crazy fucking Bangkok! This time only visiting for 3 days making it our springboard for Myanmar, but we will be back in about 4 weeks to check on its dirty nails again. As for now the three days proved to offer more than we were ready to take.

First meal I had in Bangkok was a black scorpion. Don't know what's the fuss about, surely this will be not on my favourite meal list and my mom's kitchen has still no competition. We have washed down the crunchy taste of nothing with two buckets of Gin and Tonic which proved to be a great recipe for an excellent hangover. No, nothing like from the movie, on my own terms suffering quietly and not regretting too much, except of giving Majka hard time, but that's mutual I suppose. A day in Bangkok with hangover is as good as it could be anywhere, except the scorching heat and the butt load of tourist around the Royal Palace and Wat Pho helped to enjoy the sights a 'little' more. Next day started much easier. One of the genius guide books stated that the China town is a must see so we ended up crisscrossing the alleyways of wholesale stores selling mainly plastic in any form you can and many forms you can't imagine. In the evening we have been meeting Mariola's boss Simon Wilson from the famous Butler & Wilson. Simon has not only invited us for a fabulous dinner at Banyian Hotels Sky Bar, but has also hooked us up with Madam Gnoy, who had kindly offered to accommodate us at her Lamphu Tree Hotel in the hearth of the city. In the wine powered conversation during the dinner, word came to the infamous ping pong show. To my biggest surprise Simon has offered to take us for a night out. Let me just tell you that we had no idea what awaits. Something neither of us would have done on our own, but both are grateful for the experience. In the morning we woke up to a classic Bangkok breakfast of coffee and painkillers. Needn't to say we had another slow day in the city of angels. In fact we took it easy from there and just explored the city a little more.

The good thing is, as I mentioned, Bangkok is our base for Myanmar trip, so we'll fly to Mandalay and back here from Yangon. Since we have a kind contact here we are leaving our warm stuff and some clutter behind and can take off to Burma really light. Bangkok, we are coming back and this time we'll be better prepared...



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