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Once Around The Sun

36608 km


I am nothing less than astonished about how this city looks like out from a 70's science fiction movie. Well, it's a mixture of that and contemporary architecture but even the modern often breathes with this retro futurism. Our first trip on the monorail, or as they call it the MRT, to the downtown near Jalan Bukit Bintang felt like we've materialised in an episode of The Jetsons.

I'm sort of holding my camera ready, but a bit shy to shoot people due to their what I consider conservative religion. Women in hijab are cheeky, chatty and pretty as women everywhere, men are friendly, helpful and often offer assistance without asking you just need to look lost, that's all. Slowly I come to realise that the photography block is just in my head and Islam in this part of the world is somewhat more liberal and open and is indeed the religion of peace No, I'm not trying to judge, I only reason my shyness. Not like that all maters as I am taken by the architecture and urban landscape and constantly picking up my dropped jaw keeps me busy enough.

Jalan Alor was our base for food and is also the pushiest part of pedlers in Malaysia. I admit I have snapped on one of the restaurant staff that was lucky enough to push yet another menu into my face that proved one too many. Quickly I've smiled and told him I can only look at 15 menus a day. Before that I was almost ready to give Malaysian people the ultimate price for their laid back attitude towards tourists, but this 300 meter stretch of a road changes all. After the second day of browsing yet another 'food capital of Malaysia' and seeing the same food over and over, I got a bit cranky in cravings for European or at least half decent fastidious food. Thanks God for Italian food and more than decent restaurant Google spat out on my desperation, Ciccio Pasticcio. Not the first time Italian food saved the day.

Most of the days we have spent exploring. China town, Petronas Towers, KL Tower, National Mosque of Malaysia, while in the heat of the day we have tried our best to hide from the sun in the air conditioned exhibition rooms of National Museum or Museum of Islamic Arts. The later was rather imposing, while the first left me a bit disappointed. Thankfully KL is also known as a shopping city and has 66 shopping malls that are also set to lush and luxurious if not almost freezing temperatures, so even during the day you should not be walking through hot and saturated outdoors for too long. Surely there will be a place nearby with a threat of pneumonia to an overheated and sweat covered body.

When the night sets deserted streets come to life and people come out from their hiding once again. Usually we are quite knackered by this time and retire after a quick dinner, the light orchestra in the gardens behind Petronas Towers however, kept our curiosity alive and we have watched the show one evening. Music, synchronised lights and fountains, I suppose it could be interesting once, unlike the towers which are astonishing come day or night.


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