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I have mentioned already that despite all the guide books and blogs I've read do not recommend Denpasar for more than a day, I have decided to give it a fighting chance. First for a few days as a base between Java and Flores and then a three days when back from Komodo Islands. Now I can tell you that I do agree with those opinions and you don't need to spend too much time in Denpasar. I did it for you and there are definitely better places to spend your time on Bali.

The flower market I've found was nice, colourful but a bit small and people didn't hide their disappointment about the tourist not spending money. On flowers! The 'Babi Gulin', as they call the local delicacy of sucking pigs, was rather unimpressive and the plate was filled with many bits and pieces but not the tender meat I was expecting. The museum, as the whole of the city which I've managed to explore, was filled with self appointed guides that would follow my steps until I get annoyed and yell at them. Yes I did that. I had to. After all I can only be patient with the first 15. The main market was interesting, but too many 'followers' that take commission from purchases they try to push you into. Not to mention the taxi drivers, rickshaw riders, horse cart coachers...

So as long as you don't mind to be harassed all the time, and I mean always and everywhere, than this might just be the place for you. I don't mean to be mean, Bali is cool just not Denpasar...


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