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Once Around The Sun

56818 km


On the way out from Vatia Beach we didn't leave anything to the chance and pooled a taxi to the main road. From there it is a short bus ride to Rakiraki and then a few minutes on a local bus to our resort. I couldn't find anything 'budget' on a short notice, but I've decided that we deserve a treat and booked us in for a couple of nights at Wnanawu Beach Resort. Still not too expensive, definitely worth the buck. Beautiful room with ocean view terrace and a bathroom with a shower that had a floor to ceiling window to a private garden. Almost gives you that feel of a tropical rain. Almost...

In the afternoon we have adventured out to the beach and tried snorkelling just right off the shore. Unfortunately very soon we've realised that all coral that close to the shore has been washed away in the cyclone. Some fish and bare rocks is what we've seen. Crossing fingers that the actual diving will show more we have enjoyed a splash in the pool. The resort is set high up on a hill, meaning that the restaurant offered pretty good sunset views during the dinner. Also a local band, unfortunately nothing like Joe from Oasis Palms in Nadi. That picture started to come together, Joe was the very best singer we have met on Fiji. Next day, early start for me, I head out to the marina and join a few more people on the boat. Kiwi's, German, French and me. Two tank diving today, classic. The first dive I was casually informed that we are going to depths of about 30 metres. I am only qualified for 18m and in Thailand they would sure charge me for the extra course, but here the dive masters decided that I'm ready to go. Surely it does not make that much of a difference. I wouldn't notice unless they tell me in advance. The views on the other hand are spectacular. Surely one of the best I have seen. The number of fish, colourful coral, clarity of water and numerous creatures that were pointed out to me is staggering. Well worth the money even though this was a bit of a splash out for our budget.

Only 2 days later we are heading towards the capital, Suva. No intentions to make it a stop, just a stopover to catch another bus towards Coral Coast. Supposedly a great coast for snorkelling.


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